HFUSA plans to start a number of projects to support various programs in healthcare, education, poverty alleviation and research. At present, the Foundation has been working on the following projects:

Osmania Hospital

Osmania Hospital, Karachi is a charitable hospital established by Hyderabad Relief and Rehabilitation Trust in 1950. The hospital provides free healthcare services to deserving patients while providing affordable services to low and middle income patients. Thousands of patients avail the services of this hospital each year. The hospital has highly qualified doctors and paramedical staff to provide quality healthcare services.

HFUSA seeks donations from its members to support a number of programs at Osmania Hospital. These include

  • provision of free healthcare
  • improvement of infrastructure and facilities
  • funding of free medical and eye camps in lower Sindh
  • arranging doctors in USA to provide services at Osmania Hospital through visits or telemedicine

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Clean Water
(Saafpani) Project

There is a tremendous shortage of potable water in the Tharparkar district, leading to almost drought like conditions. HFUSA has partnered with Kawish Welfare Trust to dig deep wells and install hand pumps to provide clean drinking water to the impoverished people of this region

More about Clean Water (Saafpani) project


COVID-19 has brought tremendous misery to the lower income people in developing countries with the loss of employment and earnings. HFUSA is working with Hyderabad Relief and Rehabilitation Trust to assist the affected families with food rations, rent and utility bill payment facilitation. More about Feed the Poor program (link)

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Hyderabad Research

HFUSA plans to establish satellite research programs in Hyderabad and Karachi to promote research on the culture and history of Hyderabad in particular and the Indian sub-continent in general. Reputable scholars will be retained to promote a true understanding of the history of this region.

HFUSA will raise funds to establish such institutes and libraries that will promote greater harmony and understanding between all people of South Asia.

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HFUSA supports the activities of the following schools:

  • Pehli Kiran Schools (PKS) in Islamabad to provide elementary school education to transient communities / katchi abadis living on the fringes of the cities. At present, it operates 8 schools providing quality elementary schooling to over 2500 students.

    The cost of educating one child is $100 per year.

    To learn more about Pehli Kiran Schools, visit their website here.

  • Rabia Sharif School in Faisalabad to provide elementary and secondary school education to rural communities in that area. At present the school has 170 children and is expanding each year. The cost of educating one child is $80 per year. The school also needs assistance to improve and expand its infrastructure.

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HFUSA plans to start scholarship programs to promote education in South Asia as well as to enhance research on Hyderabad. Two programs are envisioned as follows:

  • Scholarships for needy students for higher education
  • Scholarships for higher education degrees in history, social sciences and culture leading to dissertations on any aspect of South Asia

  • More about Scholarship program (link)

    More about higher education scholarship programs

    Poverty Alleviation

    HFUSA will promote programs that can lead to poverty alleviation primarily in South Asia. These could be in the form of support programs that can assist deserving people to establish their own start up businesses or professions.

    The Foundation also plans to promote linkages between business people and potential professional employees to reduce unemployment.

    Support provision of basic facilities to improve health and standard of living of the underprivileged