Bilqees and Razia Trust – working to eliminate hepatitis

Hepatitis is a killer disease that is rampant in many parts of the world. it is estimated that around 2.2% of the world’s population suffers from Hepatitis C alone. In Pakistan, over 20 million people are currently infected with Hepatitis B and/or C virus in the country, which is around 10% of the total population. Pakistan ranks second highest in the world after Egypt. The prevalence of this disease is much higher in the rural areas of the country. Over 150,000 Hepatitis patients die annually in Pakistan.

Hepatitis is a viral disease. Hepatitis A is transmitted through ingestion of contaminated food and/or water, while hepatitis B and C spread through transmission of infected blood and exchange of other body secretions. Most people infected with the virus remain oblivious of the disease until it irreversibly damages their liver and ultimately leading to death.

Bilqees and Razia Trust was established in 2017 and registered in Tehsil KN Shah, District Dadu with the specific purpose of working towards the elimination of Hepatitis B and C in Pakistan. Its objective is to help eradicate Hepatitis within District Dadu, Sindh through awareness, screening, vaccination against Hepatitis B, PCR, and registration of the diagnosed patients for treatment.

The trust was established by medical practitioners and professionals from Pakistan and USA and is supervised by Dr. Sunny Laghari, a Pakistani American MPH and MBBS who is committed to the mission of combating Hepatitis in Pakistan.

Hyderabad Foundation USA has joined hands with the Trust to support it through fund raising for this very important cause. Please visit our donations page to assist in any way possible.

Please click on link below to download presentation about the program.



Hepatitis awareness rally in Dadu City

Hepatitis and general OPD camp in Goth Karo Chandio Dist. Dadu

Hepatitis screening and vaccination camp in Gharibabad Mohalla Dadu

Hepatitis screening and vaccination camp in village Guthar Dist. Qambar&Shahdad kot

Hepatitis vaccination and screening camp in village Mushtaq Abad Dist. Matyari.

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