Millions of children in the sub-continent remain illiterate and uneducated. Parents are unable to afford paying for education of these children. This is a problem both in urban and rural areas.

HFUSA supports the activities of the following schools:

  • Pehli Kiran Schools (PKS) in Islamabad to provide elementary school education to transient communities / katchi abadis living on the fringes of the cities. At present, it operates 8 schools providing quality elementary schooling to over 2500 students.

    The cost of educating one child is $100 per year.

    HFUSA supports the activities of PKS and encourages its donors to sponsor as many children as possible.
  • Rabia Sharif Schoolis located at Dasuha 242 RB, nine miles from Faisalabad city. It provides elementary and secondary school education to rural communities in that area. At present the school has 170 children (140 girls and 30 boys) and is expanding each year. The school is licensed to provide education up to 8th class, and it has applied for permission to take it up to 10th class (Matric). The school also assists in arrangement of boarding and lodging for girls who come from distant villages.

    Around 300 students have graduated so far, and are currently pursuing higher education. The school aims at providing quality education so that its students will compete with all schools in the province.

    The cost of educating one child is $80 per year for the day scholars.

    The school also needs assistance to improve and expand its infrastructure. Following are estimated costs of immediate requirements:

    • The cost of renovating 5 classrooms, computer lab, the staff room and bathrooms is expected to be around $3,400.
    • With increase of students, the school also needs to construct at least 3 more classrooms and a room for administration. The cost of new construction is expected to be around $ 16,500.

    We encourage our donors to support annual education expenses of the students and also assist with the one-time expense for infrastructure development and improvement.

Support provision of basic facilities to improve health and standard of living of the underprivileged