The countries of the sub-continent have suffered from a lack of quality education over the past couple of centuries, and particularly since the occupation of India by the British empire.

While there has been a substantial development of institutions of education in the sub-continent, a vast majority of the population suffers due to lack of quality education, and higher education in particular. And most of the people cannot even afford to send their children to good schools.

FEED, Hyderabad, India

HFUSA has initiated the first scholarship program to promote higher education and has signed a cooperation agreement with Foundation for Economic and Educational Development (FEED), Hyderabad, India. FEED shall assist in identifying and selecting qualified candidates based on defined eligibility criteria and disbursing the funds to successful scholars.

At present, HFUSA is sponsoring two higher education scholarship funds through FEED as follows:

  • 1. “Dr. Shahida Asad Scholarship” for medical and professional education
  • 2. “HFUSA Scholarship” for law, history, social sciences and journalism

The award of scholarships will be purely on need and merit through a transparent process. Children and dependents of the Board of Directors and Managers of HFUSA will not be eligible to obtain scholarships.

Interested applicants may send in their applications to FEED, Hyderabad, India.

Other Countries

In future, HFUSA plans to start similar higher education scholarship programs in Pakistan and other countries as well.

Support provision of basic facilities to improve health and standard of living of the underprivileged