Saafpani Project of Kawish
Welfare Trust

Hyderabad Foundation USA is supporting the digging of deep wells and bores, and installation of hand pumps in the drought affected Thar area to provide potable water. HFUSA has partnered with Kawish Welfare Trust to enable provision of clean drinking water (Saafpani) to the population of this region. Hundreds of wells and hand pumps have been dug and installed by Kawish Welfare Trust with support of numerous donors from all over the world.

Clean subterranean water is available in the region at substantial depths, though most of the ground water is brackish. Since we need to go deeper and find locations that have difficult access from the main road network, the cost per unit can be higher. Typically, an open well can cost between $1,500 to 1,800, while hand pumps cost in the range of approximately $600.

If any donor wishes to contribute for this noble cause, please contact us at or call us at 571-623-1100. We will identify current open locations and advise you of the cost.

Support provision of basic facilities to improve health and standard of living of the underprivileged