a project of HRRT

COVID-19 has led to a disastrous situation for the poor and needy in developing countries that have been locked down, leading to mass unemployment. Hundreds of millions of people are now left with no source of income and they are unable to feed their families, pay their rents and utility bills and other expenses.

HFUSA has joined hands with Hyderabad Relief and Rehabilitation Trust to provide food rations to affected people in Pakistan, and to facilitate in paying their rents and utility bills where they are unable to do so.

Hyderabad Relief and Rehabilitation Trust (HRRT) was established in Karachi 1950 to cater problems of people affected by mass migration of Muslims from India to Pakistan. It was funded initially by the Nizam of Hyderabad. With support of hundreds of professionals, HRRT now provides free or low-cost healthcare, and assists people monetarily where needed.

HFUSA has partnered HRRT to support fund raising for these activities which aim at facilitating reduction in poverty.

Support provision of basic facilities to improve health and standard of living of the underprivileged