Osmania Hospital

Osmania Hospital Annual Report 2016-17

Osmania Hospital, Karachi is one of the healthcare institutions supported by Hyderabad Foundation USA.

Osmania Hospital is a charitable hospital established by Hyderabad Relief and Rehabilitation Trust in 1950 by Mir Laik Ali, the last Prime Minister of the State of Hyderabad, and with initial funding provided by the last Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan.

The hospital provides free healthcare services to deserving patients while providing affordable services to low and middle income patients. The hospital has highly qualified doctors and paramedical staff to provide quality healthcare services.

The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising doctors, technocrats, retired government officials, and persons from the industry and trade. All trustees work on purely honorary basis.

Hospital Facilities and Infrastructure

The hospital is built on 805 sq.yds of land and is located at the corner of Jamshed Road and Jail Road in Karachi. It has 5 storeys above the ground and a basement, a total of around 30,000 sq.ft. of covered area. The present building was reconstructed in 1996. The hospital has acquired additional adjacent land and is in the process of constructing an additional 15,000 sq.ft. of covered area. This will take the total space to 45,000 sq.ft.

Currently it has 70 beds. There are 2 general wards, a paeds ward, 10 private rooms, 5 semi-private rooms, 6 incubators in the Neonatal ICU, 4 bed ICU and 5 bed Emergency Room. With the new expansion, it is expected that the total number of beds will increase to over 200.

Medical facilities include 4 operation theaters, 2 labor rooms, X-Ray room, Ultrasound and Echocardiography, Laboratory and a pharmacy.

The hospital has specialists in the following fields :

OB/Gynecology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Urology, ENT, Eye, Dental,  Orthopedics,  Skin diseases, Surgery, Neurosurgery, Radiology, Speech Therapy, and Physiotherapy. The total hospital staff is 85.

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In recent years, the hospital facilities have been gradually improved, and further improvements and expansions are envisaged.

Beneficiaries of Zakat and Charity funds

  • Thousands of patients avail the services of this hospital each year. The number of poor patients who benefited from Zakat/charity funds at Osmania Hospital in recent years is as follows:
    • 2013-14 :  10.051 patients (Rs. 5,223,883 spent)
    • 2014-15 :  20,957 patients (Rs. 10,364,598 spent)
    • 2015-16 :  22,483 patients (Rs. 12,034,138 spent)
    • 2016-17 :  23,040 patients (Rs. 14,907,200 spent)
    • 2017-18 :  27,270 patients (Rs. 17,369,691 spent)
  • During 2017-18, details of the patients who benefited from Zakat/charity funds is as follows:
    • General OPD and Emergency treatment :  9,300
    • Consultant OPD :  3,850
    • Laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, Echo : 6,570
    • Deliveries : 650
    • Surgeries :  1,230
    • ICU / NICU : 1,870
    • Medicines :  3,800
  • Osmania Hospital conducts free Medical Camps at Aasra Hospital Gharo on 2nd Sunday of each month. In addition, free medical camps have been organized at Gadap, Bin Qasim, Landhi and Rohri Goth for patients who could not come in person to the hospital. Thousands of persons benefited from these camps. More medical camps are planned.
  • The hospital has been arranging annual free Eye Camps on first Sunday of each month since 1998. More than 500 free cataract surgeries are done every year, and thousands of patients receive free consultation, medicines and eyeglasses.
  • Osmania Hospital also conducts public health awareness programs to educate people on how to protect themselves from diseases through simple steps.

Recent New Equipment and Facilities

During 2017-2018, the hospital acquired new equipment or upgraded certain facilities with the help of donors including donations from Hyderabad Foundation as follows:

  • A new ultrasound machine was acquired
  • Alcon Laureate World Phaco emulsification system for eye surgeries (cataract, vitrectomy, refractive surgery) was acquired
  • The male ward was renovated and upgraded
  • Two additional Operation Theaters were added, making it a total of four (one for gyne surgeries, one for general surgeries, one for orthopedic surgeries and one for eye surgeries). Walls and floors of OTs were coated with epoxy to improve sterilization, and new air conditioners were added to the OTs per standards.
  • Microbiology department was added which has enabled wide range of cultures and sensitivity tests at low cost.
  • Hematology Analyzer and Microscope were replaced at the lab
  • The back up generator was replaced
  • Additional 137 sq.yds adjacent land has been procured for expansion of the hospital facilities

Donations needed:

HFUSA seeks donations from its members to support a number of programs at Osmania Hospital.

  • Donors can support several of the current programs. Unit costs are as follows:
    • $4 for one pair of eyeglasses
    • $7 for one OT dressing
    • $11 for one patient stay for one day at the hospital
    • $17 for one baby stay at NICU for one day at the hospital
    • $55 for one cataract surgery
    • $90 for one normal delivery
    • $275 for one caesarian section delivery (LSCS)
    • $330 for one major complex surgery
    • $590 for one Free Medical Camp in rural areas
  • The hospital also needs to upgrade a number of its facilities. Following funds are needed for immediate upgrading projects
    • $21,000 for new portable X-Ray machine
    • $22,000 for new physiotherapy equipment
    • $25,000 for OPG for dental dept
    • $35,000 for microscope for eye surgeries
    • $42,000 to renovate the basement and move lab facilities there
    • $50,000 for set up of Haemodialysis Department
    • $50,000 to revamp the HVAC system
    • $55,000 to upgrade laboratory and equipment
    • $75,000 for C-Arm and other equipment for Orthopedic Department
    • $80,000 for solar power system to be installed on roof
    • $80,000 for IT hardware/software and communications
    • $90,000 to replace elevator which has lived its life
    • $110,000 to upgrade the laboratory and its equipment
    • $120,000 for dialysis equipment
    • $260,000 for constructing a new building on the adjacent land which will increase hospital space by around 15,000 sq.ft.

We look forward to your generous donations. Please go to our Donate page to make your donations.